Ayurvedic Massage and Treatments

Āyurveda is the traditional medicine of India and date back to more than 5000 years BC.

Literally, Āyurveda means “science of life” or “knowledge of longevity”. It takes its source in the Vedas (wisdom received by sages-Risis). Vedas are also at the base of other practices such as Yoga or Mantras for examples.

With a global approach of the human being, the Āyurveda aims at preserving and/or regaining balance of our Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) which represent the elements present within us (air, ether, fire, water, earth). Each constitution (Prakriti) is unique and the treaments/massages received pacify our unbalances (Vikriti) and help us retruning to our personal harmony.

Nutrition, lifestyle, phytotherapy, massages and other treatments are many of the tools used in Āyurveda which makes us realize the interdependance of things and our participation in it.

This tradition is here to teach us to take care of ourselves, to look after us, to love and to support our body to keep it strong and adaptable in a life full of change and unforeseen events of any kind.

The session begins with an exchange in order to get to know you and to establish a first idea of ​​your constitution and your potential imbalances.

Each treatment is then adapted, chose and personalized for you.

Appointment, Treatments & Massages

Appointment & Follow-up : A moment to exchange about your needs. Discovering your constitution (Prakriti) and evalutate if there are any unbalances (Vikriti). Directing/helping you with your daily routine (Dinacharya) linked with seasons (Rutacharya).

Abhyanga : full body massage according to Atreya Abhyanga method using ayurvedic oil according to your Prakriti and Vikriti. It will readjust Doshas with a feeling of deep relaxation.

Kesa Abhyanga : local massage of shoulders, neck, head and face.

Pada Abhyanga : local massage of feet.

Abhyanga Pregnancy : improve well-being during pregnancy, prevent & pacify body tensions during the many changes coming/going on, from the 3rd month until the end.

Abhyanga Post-Partum :  special massage which helps to recover after giving birth ; grounding.

Mardana : fast, vigorous and deep massage ; perfect for muscles recovery (without head, feel and hands).

Nabhi : Detox treatment that can be done only in a personal care program or during a cure. It helps the body to eliminate toxins (Ama) and/or to lose weight.

Marmachikista : Full treatment with Marma points. Marmas are acupressure points corresponding to Nadis crossroads (energetic channels). Originally from South India through Kalaripayatt (martial art), this technique spread through China and Japan through acupuncture. This treatment gives a better circulation of the vital energy (Prana) in the body.

Udvartana : Soft body scrub with chichpea flour (sometimes plants are added). This treatment helps to eliminate toxins (Ama), to reduce the excess of water and weight. 

Udgarshana : Tonic scrub of a specific body part with chichpea flour and oil (sometimes plants are added). This treatment helps to eliminate toxins (Ama), to reduce the excess of water and weight. Sometimes in addition to Abhyanga.

Utsadana : body mask with a paste made with chickpea flour and oil. Usually done during a cure.

External Basti : localized oil bath kept with a dough made with either lentils and/or chick peas and/or wheat flour. Sometimes in addition to Abhyanga.

Pinda Svedhana : pouches of plants used to massage the body with oil. Heating, regenerating and nourrishing (ela kiri) or lightening and nourrishing (kottam chukkadi). Usually done during a cure.

Navara Kiri : pouches of plants, rice & milk used to massage the body. Heating, regenerating and nourrishing. Usually done during a cure.

Shirodhara : Slighltly warm oil poured continuously on the forehead after Abhyanga massage. Pure letting go, pacify the body and the mind. Usually done during a cure.

Duration :

Between 1h and 1h30 depending on needs and kind of treatments.

Fees :

> Abhyanga : 80€  // 165 CHF

> Marma, Nabhi, Udvartana, Basti : 80€  // 160 CHF

> Abhyanga Pregnancy/Post-Partum : 60€ // 120 CHF

> Kids (30-40 mIn), Mardana, Kesa/Pada : 40€ // 70 CHF

> Utsadana, Pinda, Navarakiri, Shirodhara : 110€ // 220 CHF

> Learning Massage for Babies (2 x 1h) :120€ // 240 CHF

> Appointment & Follow-up : 60€ // 120 CHF

Where to come ?

> Fancy Yoga Geneva – CH
> Le Bourg, St Pierre d’Entremont – FR
> Rue Salteur, Chambéry – FR
> At Home upon Request

Notice that the duration of treatments can vary depending on needs and kind of treatments.

Some treatments are not for everyone, I will be with you and guide you through to lead you to what is best for you.

It is important to remember that all treatments and massages are here to follow you on your path and to support you. They will never come to replace medical follow up appropriate to your situation.

NB : Treatments and massages are certified by ASCA, you can ask your private swiss insurance for a refund of sessions .