Retreats & Workshops

Next Workshops !

Friday, April 26th 19:00>20:30 / 300Dhs
@Soulspace Casablanca (Morocco) ” Improvised Dance “
Saturday, May 18th 14:00>17:00 / 45>55€
@Espace Aurore Aix-les-Bains ” Yoga & Dance therapy” (in collab w/Pauline)
Saturday, May 25th 14:30>17:30 /

@Serendip Spa Brussels (Belgium) ” Yoga & Ayurveda Introduction “

Sunday, June 2nd + 23rd 09:30>12:30 / 20-25€ (see below)
@St Pierre d’Entremont – outdoor session ” Yoga & Dance “

Dance Workshops – 2x/month – 18:30h>20h00

On Tuesday, twice per month at L’Endroit inside the building of Espace Malraux Scène Nationale in Chambéry.

This workshop is open to all and invite you to welcome and experiment your being through the body, its sensations, its uniqueness and its imaginary.

Fee 7€ / session or 120€ for the year.

3 & 17 Oct ; 7 & 21 Nov ; 5 & 19 Dec

9 & 23 Jan ; 6 & 13 Feb ; 5 & 19 March

2 & 9 April ; 14 & 21 May : 4 & 18 June ; 2 July

Yoga & Dance – Sunday 2 & 23.06 – 9h30>12h30

We will begin with a good yoga practice to let go of our tensions, awaken our body and connect within. Through Breathing (Prānāyāma), Sun Salutations (Sūrya Namaskāra) and Āsanas your body will get ready for the second wave of this special day…

Soft improvisation movements exercises using our senses and imagination to let go of our limitations and ground us into the constant movement of the present moment. Freedom, space, movement and music will take us to our own dance. This workshop is a time to welcome the new from within, a time for you to experience yourself differently.

St Pierre d’entremont – outdoor session !

25€/pers or 20€/pers for double registration

Unique Day Yoga & Ayurveda

A special day just for you, yourself or with someone you would like share this time with. You are invited to a travel within yourself to feel light and at peace. You will go back with customized advices for your daily life.
Yoga – Prānāyāma – Relaxation (1h30)
Assessment Prakriti/Vikriti (1h)
Adjusted Massage (1h30)
*Lunch according to Ayurveda included

160 € per person for booking 1 months in advance, 190€ after

1-2 people for the day

Saint Pierre d’Entremont (Chartreuse), Accomodation available upon request, Possible to stay several days and benefits from treatments on a longer period of time (email me).

Yoga & Yoga Nidra – Coming soon – 9h>12h

Yoga Nidra is a meditative practice created by Swami Satyananda Saraswati which leads us to the border in between our sleep and awaken state. In a comfortable and relaxed position for both the body and the mind you will be given instructions to follow in order to guide you deep in yourSelf.

The session brings relaxation, (re)connection and development of our Self evolution. There will be a theoretical part to explain the Nidra concept followed by some movement and breathing exercises before diving deep.

We will take the time to share our sensations at the end of the practice.

Saint Pierre d’Entremont / Price : 20€ / 2 workshops 30€